I have been building and selling 3D CGI models since the late 90's using an array of software. I have used everything from RayDream 3D, Infini-D and Bryce to my current application of choice which is Autodesk's Maya. I have built models on spec (speculation) and also on commission. My models and animations have been used for print and television advertising as well as cloud point geometry for a CNC router.

I have a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Degree Specializing in Animation from UCF (University of Central Florida) and my Masters in Interactive Entertainment from Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) at UCF.

I work as a 3D Modeler for a military contractor in the Simulation and Modeling industry where I get to model, texture, rig and animate all kinds of cool stuff I can't talk about.

My goal is to supplement reality with 3D computer graphics so that there is an indistinguishable line where the two converge. This confluence of realities is achieved by 3D CGI modeling, animation, staging and computer visual special effects.

Pete Fellner - 863-968-1070

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